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House/Wilson party/function at hospital, with them leaving on House's bike.

Hi, all.

So, I am looking for a story, pretty much exactly as I described in the subject.

It was a first time fic, and, I think House kissed Wilson for the first time at the party, and then asked if he wanted to get out of there, and Wilson hesitated, because, it was something like a fund raiser, and, Cuddy was making them be there, and would be pissed as hell if they left just like that, but, he agreed, and, it might have been with the sense of, fuck it, being scandalous, by leaving roaring past them all on the back of House's bike, clinging on to him, but he was enjoying being rebellious for once in his life. I am pretty sure it was something like that, anyway.

That is really all I remember, but, I am hoping seeing I have never seen a Hilson story where that happened before, except the one I am looking for, it will be enough for somebody to help Me.

So, please, could someone help Me out?

I have been wanting to read this story again for ages, can not get it out of My head.

Thanks for your time, lonepanther.
jim dine owl

House and Wilson + drugging?

By request from elsewhere on the internet, where I was discussing why I love drugging as a trope, and how House and Wilson repeatedly drugged one another both consensually and not.

I know there are a lot of stories prominently featuring this, but my memory is full of holes when it comes to specific fics. And so here I am, oh reqs comm, asking for your favorites! I’m pretty sure it still counts if it’s someone being drugged by a different character, so long as it’s a H/W story.
Roman Brooch

In Search Of

So a friend on Twitter is looking for a Housefic! This is what she remembers --

Been looking for a Hilson fic for months and months. First time fic. Opens with Wilson in his car at PPTH. Finds himself heading up to House's office. House in chair, back to door, Wilson observing him through the glass. House turns around; he's been crying. They go back to House's -- Wilson drives, House has his hand on Wilson's thigh the whole way. Pretty sure it's set after the "We're not friends" speech. Pretty sure I read it on LJ; might have been on Topaz_Eyes' list, but then again, might not.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

THE STORY HAS BEEN FOUND! My Twitter friend was browsing through her bookmarked fics, and there it was. :D

The story is More, by littlemissgg.

Fics with Wilson or Chase showing faith (at least some)

For some reason I don't know if it's appropriate to ask for this, so please tell me if not:
I'm looking for fics in which my favourite characters (In House: House himself (although for him this would be OOC), Wilson and Chase) are not very religious persons, are not even sure if God exists, but nevertheless hesitate to blaspheme, long sometimes for the comfort their childhood faith gave them and - at least in extreme situations - find themselves praying etc.
I don't know why I hardly ever find stories like this, not only in this fandom but also in Sherlock and Better Call Saul, two fandoms with main characters you can reasonably argue are not atheists.
If this is touching on a slightly taboo subject, please tell me.
So if you should know any stories fitting the description, I would be very happy for some links.
Thank you.

Favorite post-series stories in which Wilson lives?

(Reposting now that I know hw_reqs is in fact alive and well, and LJ just ... took it off my friends list somehow)

I am asking this because I want to make a rec list I can put on Tumblr, where there's currently a "WILSON LIVES, DAMMIT" post getting some attention, and I was foolish enough to say HEY, I KNOW LOTS OF GREAT FICS FOR THIS.

And I do know lots of great fics, or I did, but my memory is Not the best. Help me, LJ House/Wilson fandom; you're my only hope! Self-recs more than welcome.

Wilson acting sweet to House/vulnerable House, 1st person fic

Hello again!I was wondering if you lovely folks could point me to fic where Wilson takes care of House in some way ... just being concerned about him and sweet/protective, and House showing a little openness/vulnerability. Like fic where House is acting open and vulnerable and Wilson is really sweet and makes him feel calmed down and loved? Lol. Also, are there any (good) first person POV fic from House's viewpoint? Especially any comedic ones? I love when writers let House's sense of humor take center stage. Thanks! :D

Searching for a fic!

Hello! I'm looking for a fic i read a while ago. It was posted on i believe, and what i remember from it is that House and Wilson are a couple (I think) and House makes Chase take part in a project that turns him into a child and it's to see if it will help with House's leg pain.
(In it, kid-Chase cries about not getting a toy dog).
There is also a squeal to it where House takes part in the project when it was successful for Chase.
If anyone knows the link to this then I would be forever in your favour!

Wilson's marriages, Wilson in love, etc.

Hi! I'm new and come with greedy grubby grabby hands. :) If I've posted this improperly in any way please please let me know!

I'm looking for fic having to do with any of Wilson's marriages/wives. My ideal fic to read would have something to do with Wilson being in love with House while married and maybe Wilson's wife figuring this out. Bonus points if Wilson is not yet quite aware that he's in love with House or is in denial about it.

Or, if you know any fic relating to these things please send them my way:
-how House's relationship with Wilson affected Wilson's wives/marriages
-Wilson being in love with House and not realizing it right away
-or being in love with House and not doing anything because he thinks it's totally unrequited
- fic with Wilson having an emotional but not physical affair with House (this is canon though right? ;D)

Thanks guys!!