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Your home for House/Wilson fic requests, recommendations and more.

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House/Wilson Requests and Recs
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This comm is a partner comm to house_wilson for requests, both fic and canon related. What is acceptable here:

*Looking-for-a-fic queries, as in, "I was reading a fic where House and Wilson were climbing the Himalayas, and halfway through House realized that gee, he has a bum leg and can't be doing this kind of thing, and then Wilson has to carry him down the mountain by himself. I lost it -- do you know where it is?" (I hope no one actually wrote that, but you get the idea.)

*Giving up a plot bunny: "I have this great idea for a fic but I don't have time to write it. Would anyone like to write a fic where House and Wilson go mountain climbing?"

*Finding canon information. NOTE: this does not necessarily need to be House/Wilson related.

Warning: This community is open to all ages, however links may take you to journals that contain adult content.

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