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House/Wilson Requests and Recs
Your home for House/Wilson fic requests, recommendations and more.
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Hello again!I was wondering if you lovely folks could point me to fic where Wilson takes care of House in some way ... just being concerned about him and sweet/protective, and House showing a little openness/vulnerability. Like fic where House is acting open and vulnerable and Wilson is really sweet and makes him feel calmed down and loved? Lol. Also, are there any (good) first person POV fic from House's viewpoint? Especially any comedic ones? I love when writers let House's sense of humor take center stage. Thanks! :D
5th-Jan-2017 09:03 pm - Searching for a fic!
Hello! I'm looking for a fic i read a while ago. It was posted on fanfiction.net i believe, and what i remember from it is that House and Wilson are a couple (I think) and House makes Chase take part in a project that turns him into a child and it's to see if it will help with House's leg pain.
(In it, kid-Chase cries about not getting a toy dog).
There is also a squeal to it where House takes part in the project when it was successful for Chase.
If anyone knows the link to this then I would be forever in your favour!
Hi! I'm new and come with greedy grubby grabby hands. :) If I've posted this improperly in any way please please let me know!

I'm looking for fic having to do with any of Wilson's marriages/wives. My ideal fic to read would have something to do with Wilson being in love with House while married and maybe Wilson's wife figuring this out. Bonus points if Wilson is not yet quite aware that he's in love with House or is in denial about it.

Or, if you know any fic relating to these things please send them my way:
-how House's relationship with Wilson affected Wilson's wives/marriages
-Wilson being in love with House and not realizing it right away
-or being in love with House and not doing anything because he thinks it's totally unrequited
- fic with Wilson having an emotional but not physical affair with House (this is canon though right? ;D)

Thanks guys!!
20th-Dec-2016 01:04 pm - Recent House fic?
House Wilson Counseling
I seem to remember there's been a new House fic posted in the last two weeks.  I've only been here occasionally.  Can someone point me to it?

Also, pwcorgigirl's DW account is locked.  Is her fic available anywhere else?
18th-Nov-2016 11:15 pm - Searching for a fic
Hi! I'm not sure I'm posting where I am supposed to but here it is: I read a fic not too long ago but I don't know how old was the fic. All I remember is that in the end of the fic either House or Wilson receive a gift: all the Calvin and Hobbes books or magazines. Please help me find it 'cause it drives me crazy :)
15th-Nov-2016 02:00 pm - Not on My Watch
Hello, wondering if someone can help me.
There's this one fic where House dies and Wilson gets super depressed and tries to kill himself a few times but House's "ghost" keeps stopping him. Eventually he leaves a note that says "not on my watch" and it makes Wilson content. Does anyone know where to find this one? I can't for the life of me.

19th-Oct-2016 11:11 pm - Humor or happy endings
blue eyes
Can anyone recommend a funny fic or one that lifts your spirits at the end?
10th-Sep-2016 11:43 am - Searching for 2 fics
Hi, I have had a fic stuck in my head for days and while I was looking; I remembered another I couldn't find.
The first:
Wilson goes to a bar and picks put a guy and takes him back to the condo the guy strangles him during sex and leave him for died. House finds him and the cops investigate.  At first, they think House and Wilson are together and that House may have committed the crime. Nora doesn't help because she still thinks they are a couple and tells that to the police. Thirteen is involved somehow. House also didn't know Wilson liked men.
The second:
Wilson finds out he has a son or adopts a child in trouble. I can't remember why exactly but he is living on House's couch at the time. At one point Wilson can't get the child to help and House yells at them. It leaves Wilson in tears.
It's been a while since I thought about either of these fics but I spent a good 6 hours just looking, please help.
10th-Sep-2016 10:26 pm - Searching for a fic :P
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a fic that I read a long time ago. House has a patient in this fic. And when he diagnoses his patient he fell sleep a lot. And every time he fell asleep he had a dream about wilson and his patient. In one of his dreams he kissed Wilson. He also wanted to find some hits in his dreams to help him diagnose his patient so he randomly picked a word in a random book. Surprisingly, it turned into lupus every time . And it's post-S3E16 Top Secret.
This is all that I can remember. Do these words make any sense to you guys? Thanks a lot!!!
13th-Aug-2016 02:12 am - searching for a fic :)
hi everyone. i joined LJ to make this post. im looking for a fic that im not sure exists.. may have been a dream, but its worth a shot. in this fic, supposedly, wilson captures and holds house hostage. in his own home. for 3 days, i think, and then someone(cuddy) tries to get him out? um, something about orange juice as well? i tried searching for it but i dont think its an episode of the show, so its probably a fan fiction then.
1st-Aug-2016 10:21 pm - Searching For A Fic
Magnus 1
Hi there!

I'm trying to find a certain House fic. Unfortunately I don't remember much about although one scene has stuck with me for a long time.
In the middle of the story, Wilson gets taken hostage in the hospital(I don't think this was a Wilson centric fic though) abd the bad guy threatens to shoot people if he tries to call for help. They find an empty room and the guy makes(I think) Wilson take off his pants. I believe Wilson tries to fight/refuse and I think he gets punched or something like that and just as the guy manages to Wilson's pants off, House(?) comes to the rescue and knocks the creep of Wilson with his cane.

Also, I can't remember if this was slash or not...

Lol. I'm so sorry this is vague. I really hope someone recognizes this.
1st-Jul-2016 09:48 am - post-apocalypse
I'm looking for a fic I read a long time ago. It's set sometime after a global catastrophe of some sort. House and Wilson are just wandering around trying to survive, and I think at the end we find out that Foreman survived too. Does that sound familiar to anyone?

I'm also searching for a zombie fic. This one ended with House and Wilson as zombie friends.
18th-Jun-2016 09:26 pm - very vague request, apologies
House and Wilson are undergrads, I think.  House has a dorm that is L-shaped.  He gets rid of his roommate by saying the guy is a homophobe.  House smokes a lot of dope.  He and Wilson make out a lot.  That's all I remember.  But it's an older story that I once loved and would love to read again.  TIA.
14th-Jun-2016 04:59 pm - Looking for an angel/demon story
Color Mae West
A couple of years ago, I read an excellent fic where Wilson was an angel named James and House was a demon.  There was even wing!kink in it.  I thought it was written by bery36 but not.  Anyone have any idea what I'm asking about?

ETA:  Found it!  "The Weary And The Blasphemous" by msdreya.  She's no longer active on LJ, so I might cut and paste it for my own pleasure.
Blue Kitty
I'm hoping someone still has a copy of this vid they could share with me - it was a House/Wilson vid set to the song "I Don't Believe You" by the Magnetic Fields. I remember it had a shot of House stacking his and Wilson's coffee cups on top of each other, perfectly in time with the music (I still think of this vid every time I get coffee for me and my co-worker :P)

I can't find it anywhere, I apparantly never downloaded it along with all my other favorite vids - does anyone have a copy anywhere? I would be so grateful, I would love to track this down, it was excellent!
Thanks so much!
17th-May-2016 04:29 pm - House showing fear
Hi again,

I'm also looking for fics in which House showing fear (and maybe his introspection during this) is a major part.
I just read the very good "The concept of fear" by milgarion and now I'm jonesing for more.

Thanks in advance once more :-)

Miss Heights
17th-May-2016 04:15 pm - House and Wilson platonic "lovers"

having read tons of slash, I wonder if there are stories out there where House and/or Wilson openly or at least to themselve acknowledge that they are clearly in love with the other one, although there is no sexual attraction between them.
Bonus points if they also enjoy the other's physical closeness as in cuddling, embracing etc.

Thanks in advance

Miss Heights
24th-Mar-2016 01:24 am - Looking for a Dark!wilson fic.
>Reverse chronological order
>Wilson rapes House
>House tries to remember by writing on his shirt with marker, but the ink is blurred the next day
>Wilson lets house fuck another woman out of guilt
>Wilson tries to forgive himself

Whoever finds it will have my eternal gratitude.
wilson loves house [image credit unknown
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lit_luminary and resourceress7
23rd-Jan-2016 11:20 am - Wilson in love
Hello, my first post here, hope I'm doing it right. I am looking for fics where Wilson is crazily in love with House, feeling possessive and jealous... can I get some recommendations?
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